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By: Pauleen Leon

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You Can Make Money From Online Gaming Without Gambling

Playing games is as American as...(I like to said apple pie, but I remembered that my english teacher told me to stay away from cliches when writing). Let just say that a large number of Americans, both young and old, play games. A very large number of them are active in computer gaming online. And, their numbers are growing.

Whether you are into online gaming or not, you have likely heard how popular online gaming has become. Close to half of American households have some type of internet access (a majority with high speed connections). The growing adoption of broadband has resulted in an ever expanding push by content providers to offer more and more online video and games. If you have teenage children, you have seen first hand how additive the internet can be. But did you know that a very large percentage of American adults play computer and video games online? Not only do adults play games online, but those that play have been playing an average of 12 years.

It is for certain that the number of people playing games online is not getting smaller. In fact, now that it is possible to win money playing games online, the number of people playing is rapidly increasing. Online gambling was exploding until it was made illegal in America, but my reference to winning money playing games online was not including gambling (more on that later). Fifty-three percent of games players expect to be playing as much or more ten years from now, and the "newbies" are beginning to play in large numbers every day.

I recently saw some research that stated that the fastest growing segment of the internet were women. What does this mean for online gaming? Thirty-eight percent of game players are women. If more women are going online than men, it can only mean that the female presence on online gaming sites will also increase. As I mentioned earlier, you can win money playing games online. No disrespect, but I personally do not know any woman that does not like money. I believe that it is a safe bet to say that the number of woman gamers online will help to increase its popularity. Today men spend more time playing games that women, but the gap will continue to narrow until women will move ahead in playing online games.

Again, let me point out that it is illegal to gamble online in the USA. I point that out so that no one will assume that I have been discussing gambling online. No! I was motivated to share these thoughts because I have discovered a way to make money online from online gaming without gambling

fishing games | fishing games online

Fishing Games

Free Fishing Games

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Why Online Role Playing Games Are In Demand


Online role playing games can trace its history back
to the 1970s, where the earliest multi user games
started to appear. Rogue, a very famous dungeon
crawler, was released in1980. Monsters, items, and
setting were represented by letters. This in turn,
inspired a whole genre of similar clones.

Dungeons and Dragons have long influenced the
development of role playing games. Console playing
games’, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest,
success divided the genre into two: the console role
playing games and the computer role playing games.
This is because of the cultural differences where game
consoles are produced primarily for personal computers
in Japan and role playing games in the Western World.

Online Role Playing Games started as single player
games when it was first introduced. However, with the
advent of the internet, more and more improvements
were made on role playing games. What started as a
game for one now has all people coming from different
countries playing together in one game. Multiplayer
options have grown remarkably big that game companies
find ways to improve it over and over again. With
these improvements came massively multiplayer online
role playing games (MMORPGs) that continued to make
online gaming more popular each year.


Role playing games are games where the participants or
players assume roles of certain fictional characters
and follow stories as the game process continues.

These characters are usually called avatars and can be
customized according to the player’s preferences.
Participants determine their character’s actions
whether it succeed or it fails. Like any other game,
online role playing games also have guidelines and
formal system of rules and mechanics that has to be
met. Within this rules, the participant can improvise
and shape the outcome and direction of the games.


The games are based around stories which are mostly
adventure and fictional in type. Online role playing
games centers around fantasy and mythological genre
were the participant has to achieve a certain goal to
advance further into the game. These goals are
sometimes called “quests” or mission. They involve
chasing of dragons from the city, saving a damsel in
distress, or fighting evil masters and wizards. How
one wins these fights depends on their character’s
strength, characteristics, and skill.

More About the Characters

Players are given options on how they want to improve
their character’s performance. They can modify this
through enhancing their character’s skills,
attributes, equipment, and special abilities. In most
RPGs, these improvements are offered as rewards for
accomplishing missions and overcoming certain
challenges. These rewards have to be earned.

Status Bars

Unlike traditional video games where health or a
character’s attributes are displayed on colored status
bars and meters, online role playing games have a more
complicated way in displaying status levels. Instead
of the simpler abstract graphical representation, they
make use of numeric values which are constantly
updated each time the character scores or takes a hit.
These numerical values are displayed on the status
screen of each player.

Multiplayer Options

Originally, role playing games were offered only a
single player experience. However, with the advent of
the internet, multiplayer modes gained popularity and
rose sharply during the middle of the 1990s. Diablo
was among the first to come up with multiplayer games.
And with that, these multiplayer games became into
massively multiplayer online role playing games
(MMORPGs). Everquest is an example of these.

fishing games | free fishing games

Fishing Games

Free Fishing Games


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